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Blue Apatite

If you have an inkling that you may have a psychic ability Blue Apatite could be the stone that awakens your gift.

Blue Apatite works beautifully for both the third eye and throat chakras and cleanses auras. The vibrational energy that emanates from Blue Apatite can encourage psychic visions, clairvoyance, lucid dreaming and past life regression. It assists with accessing deep hidden ancestral knowledge, spiritual information and Akashic records!

The Stone of Motivation, an added benefit of Blue Apatite is that it can encourage you to manifest and achieve certain goals that you may have struggled with in the past. It helps bring mental clarity by clearing negativity that can otherwise block us from those achievements. It intrinsically is a natural appetite suppressant and is a perfect crystal to wear if one is on a weight loss journey! 


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